Curb the Symptoms of Diabetes through Exercise and Meditation

Anybody can reap the innumerable benefits of meditation and exercise for a healthier, contented and improved lifestyle. For those individuals afflicted with Type-2 diabetes, leading a customary life with societal obligations may somewhat be a struggle. Unfortunately completely curing the condition is still a medical mystery, but the symptoms associated with it can be controlled through a balanced diet and exercise.

In addition to regulating the blood sugar levels, exercise and meditation also boosts overall fitness, enhances metabolism and cuts the risk of diabetes related complications such as stress, hypertension, strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

Staying Healthy With Diabetes

Diabetics are encouraged to engage in physical activities since muscles use up glucose when worked out. A greater sugar uptake by the muscular cells in turn reduces the blood glucose levels. Hardcore toiling at the gym is not the last straw. Many exercise routines, done at home, are beneficial for curbing symptoms of diabetes. While you are exercising, your cells become less intolerant towards insulin and cab use up glucose more effectively.

The traditional advantages of exercise such as maintaining a low blood pressure, controlling weight and blood cholesterol levels, stress management, insomnia therapy and stronger muscles, helps prevent many complexities of diabetes.

Before you begin though, it is indispensable to check your blood sugar levels before starting the workout and while changing routines. Cease immediately if blood glucose level falls to 70 mg/dL or weakness persists. Check your blood sugar levels after the workout as well to see how your body responds to exercise.

Plan Your Workout

Consult your doctor about the workout most suitable to your age, condition and fitness. Your doctor might like to revise your insulin dose when you start working out. Make a list of physical activities you enjoy most and stick to your routine. Whatever makes your breath a little harder, your heart beat a little faster and your muscles burn energy is what helps you the most. You might like to try:

  • Walking/ Jogging
  • Cycling/ Stationary bikes
  • Swimming
  • Tai chi
  • Dancing
  • Stretching
  • Tennis
  • DIY exercise routines at home
  • Chair squats and step ups for bone health.

You can also incorporate strength training to your routine. The key is to keep it moderate since strenuous workout can cause a spike in the blood glucose levels temporarily.

Yoga for Diabetes

Yoga is one of the most ancient remedial alternatives, being explored by the scientist once again. Yoga reduces the blood glucose levels, alleviates stress and keeps the body weight in check, thereby preventing diabetes from aggravating.  Deep breathing replenishes the supply of oxygen in the blood and soothes the rattled nerves. Here are a few yoga poses that you can try at home:

  1. Sit cross legged on a yoga mat with your back ramrod straight. Place your hands on your knees palms up and close your eyes. Suck in a deep breath and hold it in for 5 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 10-15 times. Now rub your palms together and put them on your eyes to augment the soothing process.
  2. Stand up straight and keep your hands directly above your head in a ‘Namaste’ pose. Lift one leg and place it on the thigh of the other leg and inhale deeply a few times. Repeat for the other leg.
  3. Sit on the yoga mat and bend your legs under you such that your buttocks are directly touching the heels of your feet.  Keep the soles of your feet upturned.  Keep your palms upturned on your knees, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  4. Lie with your stomach to the floor and keep your arms by your side. Bend your knees backwards. Reach your arms back and grab hold of your ankles. Lift your chest off the ground and continue pushing your ankles backward as far as you can. Take a few deep breaths in this position.

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